Rebecca Buck

 Raised between New York, USA and Oxford, UK, a Sculptor by both nature and nurture, a muddy day-dreamer taught to question everything. She chose a nomadic existence, collecting views and making sculpture and parting with it on the back-roads and by-ways until 1992 when the arrival of her eldest son anchored her to the UK.

She moved to the stunning and inspirational landscape of Wales in 1998, with it’s rich, ancient culture, vibrant humour and brick-making tradition which has allowed Osprey Studios to establish and the work to mature.


Her Sculptures are in private collections all over the world and also with the National Trust and the National Parks here in the UK. Her Public work is intensely collaborative and one of her life’s great joys is connecting others with their creativity through hands-on work or by helping them find the form that speaks for them. Visit here website for more information. 

The Edge XIII

21cm H x 39cm L x
30cm W

Wyvern IX

38cm L x 14cm H x 15cm D

Wyvern XII

Beyond the Edge

19cm H x 22cm L x 12cm D

Up Is Down VI

25cm H x 31cm W

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Thursday 3rd December to Saturday 19th December 
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