Seren Bell

An Artist living West Wales, she makes detailed drawings in crayon, pen and ink of animals in the landscape. Described by Country Life as one of the most original animal artists in the UK, she is particularly outstanding at capturing the real essence of farm animals and especially rare breeds of sheep and lambs. Already collected by HRH The Prince of Wales ad the Duchess of Cornwall, she has also been commissioned to paint some of the rare breeds owned by the Prince at Highgrove. 


My work is rooted in the Welsh Landscape where I live. I feel an infinity for all animals, but I return to sheep again and again, it is not just age soft colours of the fleece and the warm bulk of them, but the ancient bony heads and the look in their eye that exert a hold on me, There is also something about their being in the landscape that is reassuring and timeless. My drawings celebrate their unwavering gaze and presence.  

Wintergathering welsh borders 24x21.5
Pen, Ink & Coloured Pencil
Chapel Poultry
Pen, Ink & Coloured Pencil

20" x17"

Beulah ewe with Lamb
Pen, Ink & Coloured Pencil


Parading past the Mistletoe
Pen, Ink & Coloured Pencil


Winter Cockerel
Pen, Ink & Coloured Pencil

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