Siân Cann

An artist and photographer as well as an environmental educator. Her creative work mainly focuses on instant and analogue photography, and incorporates many experimental techniques, including film manipulation and destruction, and Polaroid emulsion lift.

She currently lives in Somerset, but was born in the Welsh valleys and has always been a wandering spirit. She has been fortunate to explore and live in many places around the world, from Australia to Canada, India to Iceland, and all across Europe to the tiny, isolated island of Lundy in north Devon. She spent four years living and working as the assistant warden and education officer on Lundy, and the experience of being fully immersed in nature was a dream come true for her, with the puffins and Sika deer as my closest companions, and the wonder of wildflowers and wild Atlantic waves right outside her cottage door. Her time on Lundy has been hugely influential in her art, for she knows how the beauty of nature can both nurture the human soul and instigate us to better nurture our precious environment.

'Wildflowers, fungi, trees, the light on the sea, and all the little details that are so often overlooked in nature feature heavily in my work. I am continuously uplifted and inspired by the beauty and resilience of nature, and I am particularly drawn to things that I perceive to be both tough and tender, and hardy yet beautiful. I believe there is much strength to be learned from the tiniest flowers who open their delicate and colourful petals day after day, defying the elements, the challenges, and the vastness of the world.  Using photography and natural elements such as pressed flowers, I hope to create artworks that are as unique, wild, and visceral as the subjects that inspire me. It is my on-going mission to explore our deepest connections with Nature, and to give others the opportunity to immerse themselves in the whimsy and wonder of the world.'

New work coming soon
New work coming soon
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