Theo Crutchley-Mack

Theo Crutchley-Mack is an award winning young artist who makes richly textured landscape paintings that portray his fascination for atmospheric environments. His chosen subjects range from rotting hulls on muddy creeks, to scenes of powerful architectural industry.

Theo studied pure drawing at Falmouth School of Art for three years, enabling him to refine his technical skills before introducing painting into his work. The introduction of colour and brushwork created a rhythmic combination of accurate drawing and expressive painting, to form powerful depictions of beautiful yet isolated landscapes.

Often painting on thick handmade paper and large boards, Theo’s work is built from strong layers of texture that are sealed with acrylics and varnishes. These mediums give a depth that suggests strong connections to the eroded coastal landscapes that inspire him to work.

Skeleton Hull 2
Collograph 1/1

The Ox ....
The Ox
Mixed Media Oil

Painting the Whaling Station
Painting the Whaling Station of South Georgia

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