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Caroline McMillan – Davey

Caroline is a landscape painter who works mainly in oils, she aims for a freshness and vitality that reflects the location and energy of being within the landscape.. Her work has been widely exhibited across the UK, both in solo and group shows. In the past 25 years, work has been represented by several leading galleries, and paintings have been selected for several open shows including the Royal West of England academy and Bath art society.  ​ Artist statement: My work reflects my love for places I have visited, sometimes on holidays, and sometimes on specific painting trips. I work mainly from sketches, memory and intuition, trying to recreate a feeling and atmosphere that I felt at the time. Many elements come together in making a painting successful, colour and tone, line and edge, composition and texture, along with unknown factors which make a painting special.  For me the inspiration is simple, if I visit somewhere I like, I want to paint it, and capture whatever it is that makes a place special. I feel very lucky to live in Somerset and have access to so many inspiring places to paint in the south west.

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