Workshop Wales 
Elspeth Hart
Jenny Blackmore
Ann Gibbons
Rosemary Barr
Ann Lewis
Lola Rose Chapman
Lynda Lewis
Sandra Graham
Sallie Wakely
Natalie Chapman
Gail Dooley
Caroline McMillan – Davey
Susan Kirkman
Susan Claire Page
Lousie Collis
Kathy Thomas
Caro Flynn
Seren Bell
Glenn Carney
Mitchell Cleal
Nia MacKeown
Alison Tyldesley
Chris Crane
Paul Holmes
Bob Grimson
Christine Russell
Bob Reeves
Ilona David
Eddie Hallam
Theo Crutchley-Mack
Cathy Wood
Ed McQuirk
Angela Palmer
Keith Noble
Rebecca Buck
Val Hepplewhite
Jane Corsellis
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Gallery Open:          Opening this December for a Christmas Exhibition
Thursday 3rd December to Saturday 19th December 
Closed Sunday and Mondays
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