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Elspeth Hart

Elspeth is an artist/maker based in West Wales. She produces quiet, contemplative work in ceramic and print. ​ Note: All her ceramics work is made of stoneware clay (currently Scarva Earthstone Extra Smooth E/S10) and fired to at least 1260C: this means it is plenty tough enough for every day use (of course if you drop it it will break!) and can even be put in the dishwasher if you are feeling brave. Print was her first specialism and the medium in which she produced most of her work whilst studying Fine Art at UCA Canterbury. She loves the texture and the quality of lines, the definiteness of the marks, scratching and blurring into the texture of the paper. The way some marks will seem to float above the surface, whilst others seem so dark and dense as to be part of the fibre itself. ​ Elspeth says that clay is a wonderful material to work with. It is so versatile and she never ceases to wonder at how it can transform; from something flowing, almost fluid in quality, when thrown, to a firm leathery material that can be worked, beaten, reshaped, carved, cut and textured, before undergoing its final stony transformation in the heat of the kiln.  ​ 'I love that I'm creating something that someone can enjoy every time they have a cup of tea or coffee. For me, using a handmade object feels special, and adds an element of ceremony to my everyday life. I want to share this experience with other people through my work'. ​ Two years later she has set up her own small studio in Pembrokeshire and is busy making pots in the quiet greenness of her garden.

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