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Helen Elliott

Helen in a professional artist and educator based in West Wales. After being asked to leave her art class at school and told that she couldn’t paint, Helen developed her own painting style, influenced by the Fauvists and the Scottish Colourists, working intuitively with colour and composition. She paints in terms of colour first, followed by texture, then finally - subject, believing a painting should primarily give a feeling of joy, raise a smile, followed by a twist of intrigue, “how is that done?” and a lasting feel of satisfaction. ​ “Colour is all. When colour is right, form is right. Colour is everything.”― Marc Chagall Helen has paintings in the permanent collections of the Welsh Assembly and MOMA Wales, and has been included in the "Who's Who in Art" and has painted many commissions for public as well as private buyers. ​ Career highlights include- a solo show at The Museum of Naive Art in Paris 2012, Artist in Residence at Vallauris, Cannes, 2015, and artist in residence Saumur, 2017.  She had the honour of being elected to be a Golden Artists Paints artist-educator in America in 2015, and enjoyed a solo show at MOMA Wales, showing alongside Kyffyn Williams in 2017. She is also the author of “Creative Me - Keys to Creativity" and a regular contributor to Leisure Painter, The Artist, and Artist & Illustrators Magazines.

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