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Hilary Coole

Hilary’s Inspiration takes its roots from the wonderful family photographs of her mum, Dorothy Marjorie, wearing colourful, highly patterned 1950s dresses and her mum’s memories of that influential time for fashion and design. “Mums thoughts and feelings from that early part of my life gave me a sense of my place in the world. The Dorothy Marjorie Dress Collection are hand-built, slip decorated, contemporary interpretations of an important era in my life, evoking the fun and utopian aims of the 1950s.” Hilary slab builds and press moulds using stoneware clay and decorates on green ware with coloured slips and engobes using the techniques of paper resist and scraffito as well as hand painting and sponging. She bisq fires to 1000º adds a clear transparent glaze and high fires to 1220º. Hilary studied for a degree at Carmarthen School of Art and was awarded a 1st and the accolade of student of the year in 2015. Prior to this she had a lifelong career in graphic design and this shows in her intricate patterns, colour combinations and exciting forms. Since finishing her degree Hilary has worked from her home studio in the heart of rural Carmarthenshire and exhibits her work in galleries throughout Wales and England, at Art Fairs and is involved in her local Open Studios event as well as being a member of South Wales Potters and participating in the events they arrange.

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