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Ilona David

She was born during WWII in Bath and grew up in an austere world of ration books and the sound of sirens. Her education in the arts can largely be traced back to her time spent with her grandmother, who live in Vence in the South of France. In the early 1950's there was a vibrant art scene in the region. Picasso lived and worked in Provence, as did Marc Chagall, Henry Matisse and Jean Cocteau. Painting was everywhere. The early experience had a lasting effect on Ilona and the influence of these artists still remain evident in her work today.  ​ Ilona's work isnt easy to categorise. She describes herself an Outsider artist. Her paintings are imbued with symbolism. Her work has evolved over the years into the style it is today. The images depict buried memories that live with the artist.  ​ Ilona lives and works in Pembrokeshire.

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