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Jane Gibson

Jane went to Bath College for a foundation in Art Degree and then to Bath Spa University where she achieved a BA in 3D Design and Ceramics. Based in Bradford on Avon, Jane mostly exhibits in the West of England and SW Wales, Spain and she has work in private collections in Australia and Canada.  ​ Jane’s work begins on the potter’s wheel as cylindrical or bowl shaped forms in porcelain and stoneware, which are altered using techniques involving cutting and reassembling elements, which are then distorted, changed and added to create new forms either vessels, vases,  jugs or teapots. Layers of bright coloured slips and glazes are built up in abstract patterns which evoke landscapes, seascapes or growing plants and with references to her travels. ​ All of them are glazed to 1260 degrees in an electric kiln and some are enhanced with gold lustre. ​

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