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Mitchell Cleal

Son of the artist and sculptor John Cleal who founded the Workshop Wales Gallery near Fishguard in 1970.  Mitchell ran the Gallery for a number of years and was an artist and sculptor in his own right, showing a collection of highly skilled original works of art at the Gallery. His son Geno now runs the gallery. Mitchell worked with bronze and wood to create pieces based on the human form. His sculptures are bronze resin open editions such as Praying and Garden Girl, or limited editions bronze such as Every Which Way and Mermaid. We also have a number of outdoor sculpture for sale at the Gallery.  ​ "We are the sponges that constantly soak up information.  We have the ability to recall information and images, remembering what we have seen, heard and felt.  Creating for me, is the retelling of information using my skills to control the media I chose to interpret my ideas in. This process is constantly improving the more I create,  The more we create, the more creative we become! Everything we do is different, because of this, we are constantly learning and evolving.  Knowledge begins, with the realisation that it never ends!" Mitchel Cleal ​ "The inspiration for 'EVERY WHICH WAY' came from the constant pressure we are all subjected to in life. This was especially so in my father's life', says Mitch. 'My Dad was an incessant doer. I was always amazed at how much he managed to achieve. It was apparent to me that the weight of his many commitments bore down on him from all sides. But somehow he managed to survive and to overcome being crushed by it all. I was so very proud of him. So to represent him, I carved this sculpture out of a piece of Ash, the very wood that is sadly now under threat from Ash die back fungus, (Hymenoscyphus Fraxineous). I gave it to my Dad and he loved it. It stood on his studio table where each and every day he enjoyed turning it EVERY WHICH WAY."

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