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Sarah Jones

Sarah lives in rural mid Wales and has been able to continue her development as an artist since retiring in 2020 from a career in healthcare. She is  a mixed media artist painting the landscape in which she lives. Her work is inspired by the ever changing environment through the seasons of the year. She concentrates on how the landscape, it’s shapes, textures and patterns, along with the atmosphere created by the weather, make her feel. ‘I believe that I feel a certain magic when I am in the landscape and it is that connection which both motivates and grounds me in life. I will sit somewhere with my sketchbook, pens, pencils and paints and let my feelings guide me as to what and how I record somewhere. I use these sketches as reference material to take back to the studio to create the paintings. I apply the first layers of paint in an intuitive way and allow the landscape to evolve from these first layers. This leaves areas that shine through with the history and emotion of that intuitive painting. I hope the viewer can feel some of that journey of connection with the landscape in my art.’

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