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Tony Douglas-Jones

Tony was born in Selkirk, Scotland but spent his childhood in Penarth, Wales. He began painting at the age of sixteen, working in oils for thirty years before turning to watercolour. He graduated with a degree in Zoology from Cambridge University before studying for a medical degree involving clinical studies at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London. Subsequently, he moved to New Zealand for post graduate training in histopathology and research leading to a PhD. Tony spent ten years in New Zealand before accepting a job in Pathology at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff. Recently, inspiration has been drawn from the nearby Gower peninsula. He has been a part-time resident of the village of Horton for 30 years. Together with the Horton painting and sketching club, he has exhibited his work in an annual exhibition which draws both regional residents and holidaymakers. Tony is a member of the South Wales Art Society which is based in Cardiff and has been elected to The Royal Watercolour Society of Wales.

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